Incredimail 2 PST Converter Tool

Do you want to convert IncrediMail IMM emails into the format of PST files? Use IncrediMail 2 Outlook Converter tool which allows users to convert IncrediMail emails into Outlook PST files.

Demo version of IncrediMail 2 PST COnverter allows 10 IMM messages conversion in OUtlook PST files.


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Advantages of IncrediMail 2 PST Converter Tool

# Easily manage collective conversion – Software has collective conversion process which easily completes conversion for thousands of IMM files into Outlook PST format. With group conversion users can convert multiple IMM emails in PST format without difficulty and without losing emails data.

# Provides for single email conversion to Outlook – if you want single email conversion process to convert single IMM email into Outlook PST file format? Then you can chose IncrediMail to Outlook program because this tool offers you batch and single (both) conversion approach. Users can convert any numbers of emails, one by one, using the single mode conversion facility.

Offers you opportunity to convert IMM Header in PST file – As you require, you can import or convert IMM header into Outlook PST file database. This application simply converts IMM Header attributes to PST (to, Bcc, Cc, from).

# Tool has IMM attachment conversion option into Outlook –With messages header users can convert email attachments to Microsoft Outlook PST file.

# Has Friendly nature with all PST versions – Different MS Outlook version users easily use IncrediMail 2 PST Converter tool to convert or transfer IMM messages to Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 2005, etc.

# Demo Edition – The software came up with Demo version which allows 10 IncrediMail emails conversion to Microsoft Outlook PST files. Users can install demo edition without paying anything, demo section demonstrate the software’s working process.

# Full certificate of Software – After using demo you can download the fully certified software at $69, which allows the migration of whole collection of IMM messages to PST.



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